Day 12

Did you power through something stressful this week? Good job!


Parental resilience is bouncing back in order to move forward. It’s helpful for your child to know you experience stress but you have healthy ways to work through them. Don’t be afraid to tell your child a little about the ups and downs of life as appropriate for their age. For example, “I had a rough week last week at work and I’m sorry I was a little grumpy. This week is much better. It’s helped being outside more and taking walks.” Showing your child it’s okay to not always be okay is a valuable lesson. Pat yourself on the back for modeling perseverance this week!


Community Connection

Did you know the world’s largest sassafras tree is in your own backyard? Located at 2100 Frederica Street, the tree is 300 years old, measures over 100 feet tall and 21ft around.

You gotta say you’ve been there and get a selfie with your child!

Next summer take another picture so they can see how they’ve grown compared to the tree! How fun!