Day 5

Get familiar with the school website, principal, FRYSC and counselors


Know where you will access information about school closings, resources, back-to-school night and orientation nights. There are already so many opportunities you can sign-up for, like the summer feeding program, digital backpacks and the 2022-2023 school year calendar.

While you are looking around, take note of where you can locate contact information for different staff such as the Principal, Family Resource Coordinator and other school counselors. Add a shortcut to the school’s main page in your cell phone for quick reference when you need it. Happy school website snooping! 🙂


Daviess County Public Schools District Website

Owensboro Public Schools District Website

Community Connection

Today is an easy day! Save the school’s website to your phone’s home screen and the front office phone number to your contact list. Boom! You’re done.