Day 1

Help your child think through decisions


Not every child has “think through” skills starting school. Some children need help developing these skills. The tool below outlines four ways you can help your child stop and think through decisions. You can also start answering questions and requests with questions! For example, “Mom, I’m thirsty.” Answer: “Hmmm.. what should we do when we’re thirsty?” or “Dad, this isn’t working!” Answer: “What have you tried already? What happened?”


Check out this television series by PBS that supports “think through” decision-making for young children.Also, Connect the Dots offers a unique way to think through a child’s mind, which helps address challenging behaviors and grow better problem solvers.

Community Connection

Each of the 40 days of OK Go! are linked to a conversation on Facebook. Today’s challenge is to visit and follow the GOPED Facebook page to build community with other kindergarten families.