Day 8

Hopes and Dreams Letter


Write your child a note and read it to them about what your hopes and dreams are for kindergarten. Have them help you decorate the envelope with you and put it in their backpack. Tell them to have the teacher read it to them whenever they need extra encouragement.

By the end of the year, they might be able to read it on their own! Example statements might include: I hope you find friends who make you smile and laugh. I dream of a school where you feel safe and a teacher who loves to listen to your stories as much as your family.

Practice having your child look at you while you are speaking with him/her during this fun activity!


Kids book read aloud: Chester Racoon is nervous about going to school for the first time. He would rather stay home where things are familiar. But his mother has a secret to share that will help him overcome his fears. What do you think it could be? Come read with me and find out!

Community Connection

After you write your Hopes and Dreams Letter, teach your child how the mail works.

Remember your child should practice knowing their home address. Have them help you address the letter to themselves.

Visit a local post office and show them how to mail the letter. They will be very excited to receive their letter in a few days!