Day 6

Laughed with your child lately? Good job!


Did you know laughing with your child is like medicine to their growing mind and body? When you laugh with your child, it signals to the child that you are connected, which makes them feel safe and loved. Don’t take those chuckling moments for granted or let them slip by without giving yourself a little pat on the back. Laughing and smiling with your child builds their sense of belonging, which builds confidence and self-love. Who doesn’t want more of that?


Watch these together with your child and have a few free laughs on us!

Quadruplets laughing.
Memorize a few jokes together to share with family and friends.

Community Connection

Owensboro’s Got Talent! The Theatre Workshop of Owensboro is a partner in OK Go! Staff are ready to encourage your child’s first stage performance. You can visit the Theatre Workshop located at 407 West 5th Street (the old Trinity Church) and staff will help your child get on stage and practice telling a joke, singing a song or any other short performance they want! Be sure to call ahead and schedule a time between now and Aug. 9th- 270-683-5333.