Day 3

Name, address, and phone number


Your child will start learning their full name, address, and phone number at the beginning of the school year. Not only is this a great safety measure, but your child will be asked to say their full name (first, middle, last), phone number, and address during the kindergarten screener prior to the first day of school (Don’t worry! We will explain this more next week!)

Riding in the car, getting ready for bed, and other regular daily routine times is a great time to practice. Once they get it down, have them show off to friends and family. It’s okay if they don’t get it down before school, their kindergarten teacher will help them out. Try setting the spelling of their name, address, or phone number to a familiar tune like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” for easier memorization.

Bonus points if your child can write his/her first, middle and last name or their next coloring sheet! Remember to only capitalize the first letter of each name.


Visit Pinterest for ideas or to download a name, address and phone number handout.

Community Connection

You will probably visit with friends and family this weekend. Have your child show off this new kindergarten skill by reciting their name, phone number or address as they practice. Remember it’s as important (if not more important) to celebrate their effort in learning. We call this praising effort, not perfection.