Day 30

Positive Discipline Techniques


Help! This is a big feeling and I do not know what else to do! I need you to stay calm and teach me how to handle these feelings and needs. As the adult, you can help the child feel in control by offering choices, logical consequences and affirming big feelings.

Check out the most common 7 strategies in the Positive Discipline Brochure linked below. Many times children act out because they are frustrated something is taking too long. Remind children to stay calm.


Positive Discipline Strategies (brochure) – Address challenging behaviors of young children in a positive way that helps build strong social and emotional skills!

Community Connection

Remember your school-based Family Resource and Youth Service Center (FRYSC) staff can help you access multiple resources including services for mental health and behavior challenges.

Reach out if you have questions and are seeking guidance on different ways to support your child’s social, emotional and behavioral needs.

Daviess County and Owensboro Public Schools FRYSC.