Day 40

Review some of the most important tips


The first day of kindergarten is only a day away! You’ve been working with your child to get them ready for the big day and all of that hard work is going to pay off. Take some time to review and put into practice our top five tips. Don’t worry if your child is struggling with anything, but do continue to work with and encourage them to keep improving day by day.


  1. Let them pick out their outfits (Day 2)
  2. Name, address, and phone number (Day 3)
  3. Add a set quiet time to the day (Day 15)
  4. Understanding Feelings (Day 23)
  5. Grouping and Rhyming (Day 27)

Community Connection

Get your “First Day of K” sign for a morning photo op! Visit any of our participating partners and they will give you a sign for your child to hold, or download and print your very own sign. Be sure to post your photo, tag our Facebook page and use the hashtag #obky40days2k. We would love to see how excited your children are for kindergarten.

Participating Partners