Day 13

Side-by-side time


Good parenting isn’t always about wise words, genius advice and trips to the beach. The most important message you can send your child is “I like having you around. I’m listening to you. You are safe and loved.” Isn’t that what you still want as an adult? Pats on the head, listening to the never-ending stories, little hugs, smiles across the room, and pulling your chair over so you can sit closer to your child sends love and assurance they need to thrive.

With so much to juggle as a parent, you might not have time to do all the things you want to do, so this week give yourself some credit for these little acts of affection that fill your child’s bucket more than you know!


See a perfect example of side-by-side time in this short video.

One commenter said it best, “This baby is being validated by his dad, he’s being truly acknowledged. He will have so much confidence later.”

Community Connection

Today ask your child what he/she wants to do and be an active participant. Feel free to set limits on time, money and location.

The goal is to spend some quality side-by-side time. Post on Facebook what you and your child choose to do and tag us @GreaterOwensboroPartnershipED and use the hashtag #OBKY40days2K.