Day 10

“The Brigance” is KY’s Kindergarten Screener – What does that mean?


School readiness means each child enters school ready to engage in and benefit from early learning experiences that best promote the child’s success. Screeners are used by schools to better understand what supports the school needs to have in place to be ready for all entering kindergarteners. This is not a “test” or “assessment” of your child. This is information for the SCHOOL on where entering kindergarteners are academically and developmentally.

Kentucky’s screener is called the “Brigance.” School readiness skills and behaviors collected in the Brigance are not used to determine school eligibility; all children who meet the legal age requirement are entitled to a public school education.

Once you register for kindergarten, your school will send you a date for when your child comes to the school for their Brigance Screener. Screener questions will range from asking your child to say their full name to walking in a straight line. Families also complete a short survey on various social and emotional skills.


Community Connection

Head to the Daviess County Public Library for a printout of the Kindergarten Readiness Definition. They also have free fun activities and challenges for rising kindergarteners that you won’t want to miss!