Day 9

Using the restroom and opening a juice box


Can your child use the bathroom, wash their hands, button their pants, and open everything you are sending for lunch? Maybe not in that order! Sometimes we don’t realize all the things we do for our children without thinking.

This week, refrain from helping with the bathroom, snack bags and juice boxes. Also, pay attention to the little things you do for your child that he/she might be able to handle on their own like buckling their seat belt, fixing a glass of water, etc.


Decide on a few things you want your child to learn how to do on their own this week. Hang a piece of paper on the refrigerator and each time they do it on their own, have them add a star sticker or draw a smiley face.

A great prize for little ones is 30 minutes of playtime with YOU. They get to decide the activity, and you are all theirs (no phone) for the full half-hour.

Get started by having your child learn all the letters in their name, recognize numbers 1-10, hold a book and tie their shoes!

Community Connection

Have you visited a public park in Greater Owensboro lately? The park is a nice place for unplugging and reconnecting with your child.

Today we suggest trying Smothers Park or feel free to choose one closer to home. Post your pictures on our Facebook page.