Day 38

Weather Inside


Have your child look out the window and explain the weather outside and then ask your child, what’s the weather on the inside?

Helping children notice when they are stressed, sad, frustrated, and happy helps them manage their emotions better. Sometimes we call this “Name it, to tame it.” This doesn’t have to be a big deal if the child says something negative. Parents might say “Sometimes I feel sad too. Maybe playing outside with the neighbors later will help.”

This will be a good way for you to check in about feelings around school starting and over the next few weeks as they get settled in.


Community Connection

Our partners at Big Roots Lavender Farm have donated 20 lavender sachets that can be used for calming time. Your child can give it a squeeze and enjoy the relaxing fragrance.

Be entered to win one of these sachets by joining the conversation on our Facebook page about how you and your child find ways to relax together.